Wir sind in London! supahh!

January 9, 2012
We are finally in London! We found a place! yeah! a lil bit smaller than ours in Vienna but we have a private garden :-)
Tweety familiarizing our backyard :-) Football field!

Bz time...but exciting.

January 2, 2012
Last days in Vienna....Soon all of us will be moving to London for good! Super excited! can't wait :-)

But, Hiroko is anxious and tired of waiting...
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Laiza brought that girl home! :-)

January 2, 2012
Serpentina is home! Yeah! Laiza thought it would be a wonderful surprise for everyone this new year to finally bring home her strange weird sister. Serpentina known as Tweety fled to the forest of central Africa after committing several crimes. She's a big time hacker, internet scammer, manipulator, and a bully. Laiza loves her so much though. No one knows what will happen to the house now that Tweety is here... and oh.. let's not forget her wicked Grandma Gigie. She's also here and has no ...
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Gigie meets Barbie

January 2, 2012
Oh my oh my... the wicked Gigie meets the man-eater Barbie.
Both were in military before. The two met when Gigie, then a Nigerian police officer rescued the Austrian military pilot Barbie, from her abductors 16 years ago. Barbie was just looking for a nude beach when kidnappers took her thinking that she was Dame Edna! The two became close friends until Barbie started an illicit affair with Gigie's son! The fight begun. Well, the affair was cut short when Barbie's daughter Beverly came into ...
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Homecoming: Gingerlee & Serpentina

January 2, 2012
The wicked Grandma Gigie has arrived! and so is the weirdest girl in town Tweety! The nerdo laiza brought them home! OMG! now Beverly will have a stiff competition in the house :-)
PC311332 L-R: Serpentina (Tweety), Gingerlee (Gigie), and Laiza
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My first 1/6 repaint

May 5, 2011

After experimenting with bigger heads, I finally repainted a 1/6 head. I found it too small at the beginning but later got used to it. Here is Dolores - a BBI female. I took out her stiff factory hair and made her new hair from a used Bratz doll.

Click to see the "before" pic.                                   
This pic is not mine. Here is the referring URL  

dolly s
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My first repaint

May 5, 2011

I started this hobby in 2008. I was inspired by the repaints posted in menwithdolls. I decided to try repainting first bigger heads so I bought a 19" CED Constance - my first ever repaint. She's far from perfect. She has flaws but I'm quiet happy with how she turned out :-)
Click to see "before" pic                              One more "after" pic.

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test only

May 5, 2011

this is a test
.. U see im new to blogging and im still ignorant :-)

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