About Me and Pfeffermix


Hello! my name is Ryan. I'm a loyal fan of Batman and Superman. I reside currently in Vienna Austria. And..very soon moving to London England. I speak English, German and Cebuano. I love sports and fitness as well as astrology and virtual reality. I enjoy listening to self-help and inspirational audio books. "Chinese-Eat all you can" and "brunch" buffets are two of my biggest temptations. I travel a lot. Vatican City, Greece, France, and Cebu Philippines are my favorite destinations. I'm a big lover of all sorts of arts especially miniatures and 1/6 action figures.

1/6 action figures first struck me in 2008 after I stumbled on a website that promotes miniatures. Shortly after, I begun collecting, customizing the bodies and repainting the heads. I'm off and on in this hobby. I have not given this so much attention until this year when I decided to publish the website Pfeffermix.

Pfeffermix is dedicated to my OOAK one-of-a-kind 1/6 female action figures. Why the name Pfeffermix? well, Pfeffer is the german term for Pepper: Hot and spicy! like my angles! :-)

My angels are articulated figures. The hands, feet and the heads are easily interchangeable. They are made up of body parts from different brands and modified by me. Some heads are resculpted too.

Thanks for visiting Pfeffermix! Have fun!

Salamat ug pag-enjoy mu tanan diri sa Pfeffermix!

Danke für Ihren Besuch!  Genießen Sie Ihren Aufenthalt hier in Pfeffermix!

Music control is here: Thanks to Danosongs

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