Nationality: Austrian

Gender/ orientation: Female

Prodigal daughter of Barbora.  Has two daughters Laiza and Bebe. Laiza is with Barbora and Bebe is lost in thin air.

Fun loving. Plays Ouija board and "spirit of the glass"with Hiroko and Pamela. Likes to walk in cemeteries in the night. Enjoys stalking and harassing priests and nuns. Loves food and animals. Arrested several times for hanging kittens and puppies and brutally biting chihuahuas. 

Works as a pediatric nurse despite mental problems. Has history of violence and brutality. All relationships ended with domestic violence civil suit and estafa.

Admires nothing and nobody but herself.

None (does'nt know what a motto is)

Beverly is a custom 1/6 OOAK female action figure created by Ryan.  Resculpted and repainted ZC head with rotational eyes on a CY girl body with Eva hands.

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