Nationality: Austro-Nigerian

Gender/ orientation: Undecided female

Psychologically disturbed daughter of Beverly. Lives with her beloved Grandma Barbie.

Strongly believes that she is a boy and that she is Chuckie, the evil possessed doll. Like her mommy Bev, she likes walking in cemeteries in the night.

Baseball is her real passion but forced to attend ballet with Grandma. Works as a personal assistant of Ivanka - her idol.

Likes to scare and chase children and senior citizens. Loves parrots...... actually grilling and eating parrots!


To support and love my Grandma Barbie.

Laiza is a custom 1/6 OOAK female action figure created by Ryan.  Remolded and repainted ZC girl head on a Vietnamese Lin body with Villains Matilda hands.

See her sisters and friends.  Don't forget to visit our blog and write your comments. Thanks for visiting Pfeffermix! Enjoy!


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