Nationality: British
Gender/ orientation: Female

Not the Hermione from Harry Potter. Works as a magician in circuses.
Able to make wallets, money and other valuable items disappear (without returning) on her magic show. Able to scare monkeys, lions and tigers. Eats live rats.

Aspires to become a pilot one day but does not regularly attend her classes. Very lazy, happy-go-lucky and loves to have fun all the time. Frequently borrows money from her BFF Doris and her neighbor Diwata.

Never put off something tomorrow what you can avoid altogether.

Hermione is a custom 1/6 OOAK female action figure created by Ryan.  Repainted Mattel Hermione head on a 27cm Obitsu L body with custom neck post. Hands and feet are from Bounty Hunter Kelly.

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