Nationality: Iranian
Gender/ orientation: Female

An activist for peace in her native country Iran. She is an amputee. She was bombed when she was 19 and lost her right feet and left hand. Now she is a bionic woman with powerful prosthetic hand and feet. Known to lift cars in parking lots and break sturdy walls  with one hand.

Runs her own dried peas production and distribution business across Europe and western Asia. Donates 60% of her profits to NGOs for peace.

Loves shooting and playing guns in her spare time with her magician BFF Hermione. Has a strange `teddy bear` phobia. Loves her distant relative Aunt Donnatella.

Peas for peace

Doris is a custom 1/6 OOAK female action figure created by Ryan.  Resculpted and repainted Catwoman head on a 1/6 volks body with Bounty Hunter Kelly hands and feet..

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