Nationality: Slovenka

Gender/ orientation: female  

Works as a life insurance agent and as a model manager of her half sister Darka.
She is the mentor and idol of Laiza.

She loves dating gay men. Yes, she fantasizes having a very feminine gay husband that she can share girlie things with.

She has two dogs named Vodka and Tequila. Both she believes and wants to be gays.

She is the friendliest of all Pfeffermix Angels. She aspires and promotes peace, harmony and happiness.


Don't worry, be happy.

Ivanka is a custom 1/6 OOAK female action figure created by Ryan.  Resculpted and repainted Bounty Hunter Kelly head on a n Obitsu large bust body.

See her sisters and friends.  Don't forget to visit our blog and write your comments. Thanks for visiting Pfeffermix! Enjoy!


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