Nationality: Indian

Gender/ orientation: Female  

Dethroned Miss India Universe
due to her lewd naked photos taken and published minutes after her coronation. Now holds the title Miss India-Yesterday.

Original name was Gopi Nakula Bhooshit. Later changed to Abbygayle as per Suyin's advise - her fortune teller. Works as a Bollywood actress in Holywood. Sent disgusting love letters to Abhishek, Aiswariya Rai's husband. Pretended to be Sushmita Sen and fooled the local media when she was in Manila. Known for her surprise "flashes" on screen.

Hangs out with her close friends Venus, Doris and Pamela. She's the eye candy of Hiroko and Hermione's belly dancing teacher. Collects insects, worms and bees.

Follow your heart

Abbygayle is a custom 1/6 OOAK female action figure created by Ryan.  Resculpted and repainted 21st Century female head on a Hottoys cuban american body with custom neck post.

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