Nationality: Italian

Gender/ orientation: Female

Religious old maid in her late 50's - never been kissed, never been touched. Works as a dressmaker in Milan since she was 17. Still hopes to find Mr. Right. Calls her fortune teller Suyin frequently. Drives to Vatican City for a holy mass every Sunday.

Has two idols: 1) Pope Benedict and 2) Susan Boyle. Cried for one month when Ms Boyle lost the contest. Loves watching all Milli Carlucci shows especially "Ballando con le stelle" (Dancing with the stars)

Hates to be called Donnetta, Donnaccia, ... and especially Alora.
Her major clients such as Abbygayle and Darka call her "Nutella". Envies and criticizes her bestfriend Barbora over the latter's adulterous life. Considers Doris, her distant Iranian relative, as her daughter.

Humans should wear clothes!!!

Donatella is a custom 1/6 OOAK female action figure created by Ryan.  Resculpted and repainted 2Matrix Trinity head on a Lady's Mission body with BBI hands and custom neck post.

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